Revenue model

League of Empires operates the game as a service. To achieve the vision of long-term growth and sustainability, we have also incorporated a monetization model in the game.
There are 3 primary revenue streams for League of Empires:
Primary sales: League of Empires will sell limited NFTs to early backers in founders sale. These will be limited editions and with limited quantity. These NFTs include Land, Artilleries, War academies, Artillery factories and Leagues. Quantities available for purchase on primary marketplace will be decided later.
Secondary sales (trading fees): League of Empires will take a % fee from all secondary transactions of NFTs. The fee will be kept to 2% to 3% of the transaction. This is our primary driver of revenue in the long-term and will help fund operational expenses, maintenance, community management and growth.
In-game purchases: There will be some in-game purchases for the players even though they will be kept to minimal. Examples includes, buying packages of diamonds and different in-game activities. Exact details will be decided later.
The game will not have in-game ads, as they affect the user experience. The game will be free from any third-party ads.