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Technology and growth strategy

The game incorporates Havok physics engine in order to increase realism experienced in gameplay. More than 600+ popular games have used Havok engine to power their real-time physics including Age of Empires.
The game will also have a AAA sound experience with Dolby Digital Surround sound. Gameplay music, background sound, ambient sound, and sound effects are a key part of an immersive gameplay. Players won’t need to mute the volume to play the game. Instead, they will enjoy the ‘feel’. Dolby Digital Surround experience does just that.
The game will be first launched for PCs and MacOS and then later for mobile devices. For blockchain technology, we decided to go with Binance Smart Chain initially because of its popularity and low gas fees. Meantime, we are also considering cross-chain possibilities.
For server-side infrastructure, League of Empires will use a suite of Amazon Web Services including Game Tech, GameLift Primer, GameLift FleetIQ, and Game Analytics Pipeline.
For growth, we shall focus on social-driven acquisition, community driven growth, affiliate programs, influencer marketing, streamer rewards, competitions, and paid promotion. Players’ retention is also crucial for the growth of the game. This why, we have also emphasized heavily on the gaming experiences so that players do not get bored so easily. This helps players evolve their gameplay. In League of Empires, no two battles are the same and no two players’ gameplay and strategy is the same. Therefore, the overall gaming experience is filled with excitement and adrenaline. One of the key strengths of strategy games is that players have a control on the outcome, and they do not play in the same repetitive battles and levels. Bringing new challenges as players play the game is an essential part of game’s growth which will also contribute to the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.