Battle modes

AI mode: AI mode, also known as PvE mode is useful for testing the waters. They are testing grounds. Players can advance in AI modes to gather more resources, earn Experience Points, crystals and diamonds. Losing in AI modes will not affect the rankings.
PvP mode: In this mode, players will be able to fight with other real time players. The attacking player can decide which land to attack. Losing in PvP modes will decrease the winning rates.
Alliances: Players can also form alliances and make diplomatic relations with other empires. There will also be tournaments in which only alliances can participate.
Leagues: The ultimate goal of players will be to play in leagues for maximum rewards and earnings. There are 7 types of leagues each with their own criteria for participation. Qualified players can play in Leagues and advance from one League to another.
Raid & Capture: Attacking player can decide between raiding a land or capture it. Only type B lands can be captured in the game. Type A lands are NFTs and they always remain a property of player. If raid option is selected, then upon winning the battle, the attacking player will loot some of the crystals and other treasures. If capturing option was selected by the attacking player at the time of attack, then upon winning, the attacking player will capture the type B land.
If attacking player loses, then the opponent will get some of the in-game treasures from the losing player. After the battle, there will be a cool off period, in which no new battles can be fought. This cool off period can be shorted by spending in-game currency ‘Diamonds’.
In League of Empires, you are trying to become the most powerful Empire by battling other players and increasing the reach of your empire to earn Victory Points. However, battling other players will cost Crystals, a resource which systematically and progressively regenerate over time. You can attack other players' Cities or Lands by either Raiding them to steal resources, or Capturing them, which will put the Land under your control and generate resources for you over time. Battling other players will also earn you Victory Points, or VP. If another player captures one of your Type B Lands they'll take control of it, so make sure you keep your Empire well defended.
Attacking players with a higher Town Center Level than you earn you a Brave Bonus, which can mean rewards of up to twice as many Resources. On the other hand, attacking a player with a lower Town Center level than you will result in a "Dishonor" penalty which reduces the rewards you receive – if you're much more powerful than they are, you'll receive no reward at all.
Each Empire or Land can only be attacked by a single player at the same time, so if another player is attacking a Land, you cannot enter the battle screen.
If a Land has been successfully looted by another player, a Shield will automatically raise over the looted land. The Shield will last 12 hours for a Empire and 3 hours for a Land. Do note that only the particular Land that has been attacked will get a Shield, so it is possible to be attacked simultaneously by different players on different Lands. If you launch an attack while your Lands are shielded, all your Shields will be broken, and you'll immediately become vulnerable to attack.
You are able to see who has attacked your Lands by selecting the Battle Log icon located near the middle of the left most side of your screen. It will look like your Quest Log but with a sword next to it. An attack on your Lands will cause a red alert to appear on your Battle Log.
Once you're in the Battle Log screen, you will have the option to have your revenge on any players who have attacked you.
There are many options open to you on the battlefield. You can command your Troops singularly or collectively. By clicking on a single Unit, you can give that Unit commands separately from the others. By double-clicking a unit, you select all other Units of the same type. You can also rotate your Units to face any direction by clicking and dragging on the circular rotate icon. You can give your Units their initial orders by dragging an arrow from them to their target or by simply selecting the "stand ground" option located near the bottom left of your screen.
If you run at enemy Units, you will get a charge damage bonus for your first attack (Militia, Strategist, and Spearmen only). If you attack an opponent's Units from the side or from behind, you get a flanking or rear charge damage bonus for your first attack. There are many tactics for both new and veteran players! Remember that certain Troops are stronger against others, so plan your attacks well!