League of Empires

Town Center

At the heart of your Kingdom, is your Town Center. This is a symbol of power!
"Brave heroes! You will need to make a strong and productive Kingdom if you wish to defeat your enemies. To do this, you will need to expand your Empire, upgrade your Town Center, gain resources from buildings and train up a mighty army."
Increasing your Town Center level will make your Town Center and Kingdom grow more powerful! Alongside this, you can also earn XP. XP is awarded for winning battles and progressing through the game. You can see your progression towards the next level by tapping your profile flag at the top left corner to view your profile screen. Upgrading your Town Center will unlock new upgrades, buildings, and will allow you to become more powerful in battle.
Your kingdom is composed of captured Lands, a protective Garrison, and various Buildings. Other players will have the opportunity to attack your Garrison and attack your Lands. If a Land has been looted by another player, after a few attacks, a Shield will automatically raise over the looted land. Shields protects from capturing too, but if your Land was not shielded then unfortunately that Land can be captured by other players. However, note that the Land which is your NFT can never be captured by any other player. It always remain your property. The Land which can be captured in the game by other players is a Land that is generated in the game on qualifying behavior. That Land by default is not a NFT. However, every 11th captured Land automatically becomes a NFT, hence a NFT.
You can of course protect your Garrison and Lands from attack in other ways - and this is where your Troops and most of all, your Artilleries come in to play. You can assign Artilleries and Troops to defend your Land and Garrison, where they will fight off enemy attackers. Strategic construction of buildings, resources and technology also play a key role in the protection and defense of your town center and Empire.
The Town Center is the largest and most impressive building in your Empire, and arguably the most important. Although it doesn't produce any resources itself, upgrading the Town Center unlocks upgrades for all other buildings, including new building types.
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