Diamonds are a premium in-game currency which can be earned by performing certain tasks in the game and completing various quests. Diamonds can be used to speed up a process. Diamonds can also be used to skip certain steps. In a multiplayer game, speed ups or boosters like diamonds are very crucial. This helps a player to take the opponent by surprise as your army will be trained much faster than the opponents. The ultimate move against the opponent is to prepare for the battle even before it has begun. Diamonds are also earned in the game based on player performance or they can also be purchased with $LOE tokens. Diamonds are rarer than crystals.
They are the premium resource in the game, and can be bought in the shop or gained through the completion of Quests, events and certain qualifying game behavior. Use them to obtain anything in the game - Gold, Food, Shards Stones, Artilleries, Relics; or to reduce building/upgrading times.