Level system

Players will be rewarded with great rewards when their scores reach qualifying thresholds. And levels are what help to reach higher score targets. Also, as players level up, new features will be opened, and more modes will be unlocked to make the progression more fun and challenging and to make the game interesting rather repetitive. For example, a level 1 Archer will be very weak when they begin their journey in League of Empires, but a Level 10 Archer would have been deployed in and fought several wars, fulfilled many quests and faced many powerful enemies.
We believe that the thrill of growing stronger and powerful will start to fade if the game does not present meaningful challenges. Players can imagine a game where every time they level up, changes how the game is played e.g., new empires to conquer, new strategies to deploy, deal with higher level enemies, and most importantly, huge rewards.
In League of Empires, every level up will provide the players with new experience every time. There will be new powers for armies and artillery.
Levels in League of Empires will not only represent the growth of the army and empire, but they will also be needed to play in Leagues. Different Leagues will have different criteria for the levels of land, artillery and army.
The levels system as a whole is designed to increase the quality of time spent in the game and bring new excitement. This helps to form a community of loyal players which is crucial to game’s ecosystem growth and sustainability. There are 60 levels in the game.