It all starts from the land. It is here where all the resources are built. It is where treasures are kept, and different types of troops trained. It is this land which can be turned into an empire by strategizing, politics, diplomacy, battles, and tactics. Players will bring their troops and artillery on battlefields to fight. Strategy and skill is important. The game does not have automated fights hence, strategy is key. The composition of the units of troops, their level of training, their positioning on the battlefield, selection and positioning of artillery on battlefields, skills to anticipate and dodge, attack and defense all play a key role in the outcome of battles. Core gameplay in a nutshell:
• Players engage in battles. • Before the battle, the attacking player can choose between capture and raiding the land. The option to capture will require more in-game ‘Diamonds’ to engage into that battle. • Each battle is unique, and no two battles are the same. • Based on the outcome of battles, players earn rewards such as resources, currency, new features unlock and upgrades. • Players can join alliances to better defend themselves. Rewards in alliance pools are more compared to playing solo. • Players can participate in Leagues and tournaments where rewards are even higher.
In the end, it is all about going big or staying stagnant. The goal is to win as many battles as possible, level up and expand the empire. Players can build their empire with their own strategies and preferences. One player may use one strategy and the other player may use a different strategy.
Apart from the PvP modes, players can also play in AI modes to gain some Experience Points and in-game resources. Once players are ready, they can go full scale and play in PvP modes. In PvP modes, bigger rewards and greater earnings will be made as players level up their troops & artilleries, gain more experience points, rank higher in positions and increase the size of their empire. leauge of Empires is a multiplayer game, and it encourages players to play with and against real-world players for higher earnings and for the growth of the ecosystem.
100% Real-Time Battle Control: Real-time epic strategy battles with thousands of troops at your command. Directly control thousands of troops alongside your artilleries, with full command of strategy, spell casting, attack, and defense.
Stunning 3D graphics: This game is the first ever MMO RTS game on the blockchain which offers a gaming experience in 3D.
Strategic Alliances: Unite with friends and take on other Alliances in the weekly Season leaderboard and gather your collective strength to take on new challenges each day. Players who want to reap great rewards and want to be remembered in our Hall of Fame will want to join an Alliance. Alliance will allow players to form up together to engage in Alliance wars and win amazing rewards which will be distributed proportionately. Alliance offer players access to unique perks which will help them on the battlefield, and these are only accessible to its members.
Mint and Grow your Artillery Collection: Mint NFTs using weapons factory. These artilleries can be used in battlefields or can be sold on the marketplace.
Build the Ultimate Empire: Capture lands and build your fantasy empire as you take on other players in the most captivating action strategy MMO RTS on blockchain!