The Land, in the form of an island in the metaverse of League of Empires, is the first and foremost element of the game. On the island, you can gather resources, build your own workshops for artilleries, have war academies to better train your troops for ranking higher in levels. It also helps you increase your economic welfare which in turn will increase your token earning capacity. There are two types of islands in League of Empires:
a. Type A: This island is an NFT. This is the main ground, and this island cannot be captured by any other player. It is a NFT which you own, and you can sell or rent this island on your own accords.
b. Type B: These islands are generated within the game as you progress and level up. These islands are not NFTs. These islands can be captured by players during battles. Once a player captures 10 islands in the game, the 11th capture automatically turns into a Type A island. This means, it becomes a NFT which the player can either use in the game depending upon their strategy or sell or rent on the marketplace.