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League of Empires is a multiplayer game where players can play against each other and deploy different strategies and politics to grow up in ranks and expand their empire. Therefore, the concept of leagues is just the right fit for game. Players in leagues earn higher rewards and unlock more in-game assets and tokens compared to players who are not in leagues. Also, there will be tournaments in leagues which can be participated only by league members.
League owners earn a guaranteed cut of the players’ earning playing inside that league. Players also can advance from one league to another as they progress in the game. Any player can join any league if they meet the criteria for the league. As long as players are playing in the league, the league owner earns a cut from their earnings. The advantage and motivating factor for players to join leagues is higher rewards and earnings. Some of the game modes and in-game items can be unlocked only for the players who join and play in leagues. It will be the ultimate goal of players to join leagues and earn the most. There are 7 types of leagues in Leauge of Empires.